Electric Agas

Electric Agas

At Jaycee And Sons we offer a variety of different services based around Kent to suite your needs. One of our services being Electric Agas.

The 13-amp AGA range cooker runs from a normal electricity supply in just the same way as a kettle. This cooker is brilliant for those who want an AGA cooker that is on all the time, but want the cleanliness and convenience of a cooker that runs on electricity.

It used to be a given that an AGA cooker was on all the time. Not so now, with the introduction of the AGA Total Control.

They look exactly the same as a traditional AGA cooker and food is cooked with the same gentle radiant heat. But underneath the enamelled cast-iron exterior, there lies state-of-the-art technology.

If you need to use our service for Electric Agas contact us now for more information!

Jaycee and Sons are NICEIC certified domestic installers and also NICEIC approved contractors, so we can offer you certified Electric Agas installation in Gravesend and across the whole of Kent.

If youre looking for electrical agas services in Kent, contact us online or give us a call on 07879 812955 and one of our fully trained, professional Kent electricians can come to your house and check out the problem.