Hot Tub Wiring

Hot Tub Wiring

At Jaycee And Sons we offer a variety of different services based in Kent to suit your needs. With Jaycee and Sons Electrical one of the services which we provide is Hot Tub Wiring, with our experience we will be able to wire any hot tub.

Any hot tub which requires more than 13A needs to be wired directly into your electrical supply. These supplies must be installed by a qualified electrician and should comply with Building Regulations. It is important you do not attempt to prepare this supply yourself. If you get this wrong, not only could you damage your hot tub but you could also do some serious damage to yourself!

Therefore at Jaycee And Sons, we should be the ones to wire your hot tub for you.

Once your electrician has prepared your supply, he will issue a BS 7671 certificate. You will need this certificate for your home insurance so do not loose it! Most warranties are also invalid if you fail to present a certificate on request.

Jaycee and Sons are NICEIC certified domestic installers and also NICEIC approved contractors, so we can offer you certified Wiring in Gravesend and across the whole of Kent.

If youre looking for hot tub wiring services in Kent, contact us online or give us a call on 07879 812955 and one of our fully trained, professional Kent electricians can come to your house and check out the problem.