Imersion Heater

Imersion Heater

At Jaycee And Sons we offer a variety of different services based in Kent to suit your needs, one of our services being Imersion Heater.

Immersion heaters are electric heating elements that are found in water cylinders to heat water. They act like a kettle to heat the surrounding water in the cylinder. The benefit of an immersion heater within your heating system is that it means even the boiler fails, you should still be able to get hot water. It should also have its own power supply which means that it can be turned on and off when needed so that water is not constantly being heated unnecessarily. Look for thermostatic immersion heaters that switch themselves off when the water reaches a desired temperature for even more convenience.

With Jaycee And Sons we offer a high quality service when it comes to installing Imersion Heaters, if you need ouer service contact us now!

Jaycee and Sons are NICEIC certified domestic installers and also NICEIC approved contractors, so we can offer you certified Imersion Heater Installation in Gravesend and across the whole of Kent.

If youre looking for imersion heater services in Kent, contact us online or give us a call on 07879 812955 and one of our fully trained, professional Kent electricians can come to your house and check out the problem.